Work-Outs / Strength Training / Stamina


Chiropractic care has made me more aware of my bad postural habits and has allowed me to easily correct it.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Be open to alternative healing methods.  Your body was designed with the capability to heal itself.   Chiropractic care is a non-invasive approach to getting your body to do what it already knows how to do.

Greg D. 


I have seen improvements in my weight training not only on the strength side of things but also on endurance.  I feel that chiropractic care has made it possible to puch the same amount of weight as I lifted before 4 to 5 more reps more per set.

-Chet D.


Thanks to Minnesota Wellness Institute these are the areas that have improved in my every day life:  FLEXIBILITY:  1.) Bending to tie shoes.  2.) Squatting to get things out of cupboards.  3.)  Using the wobbly chair has allowed me to stretch farther than I could before.  4.)  Decreased spasms in legs.

POSTURE:  1.) Standing straighter and shoulders stay back.  2.)  Decreased tension and "knots" in upper body. 

STAMINA:  1.) Increased # on treadmill and time.  2.)  Increased number of hours at work and less tired doing it. 

EXERCISES:  1.)  Laying down on the floor and putting my arms over my head and touching the floor.  2.) Laying down on the floor and lifting my legs off the floor separately or together.  3.)  Using a golf ball on the bottom of my feet while rolling it back and forth and being able to control the ball.

 -Holly W.