Low Back Pain / Sciatica


Due to my back pain I would only sleep two to three hours at a time. This went by far for five years. After receiving my first adjustment I slept for six full hours . Try what you can to relieve your pain.

Jeremy Cairl


I came here with extreme pain issues 6 years ago and this care has gotten me back to living my lifestyle. I wouldn't be were I'm at right now wiout them. Give it a try and i guarantee you will feel fantastic. They're amazing!!

Kelsey Kuffel


I've been experiencing sports injuries for many years. After receiving treatment at the office i began to experience immediate and longterm improvements. If you heaven't tried it , don't knock it. It works!!

Michael Kuffel


My back pain and stiffness are much improved.  Chiropractic has changed my lifestyle because I can start going out and doing things again!  Go, just go!  Don't put it off.  You won't believe the difference.

Carmen P., Age 72


Symptoms that have improved for me since starting care are back pain, arthritis/stiffness, Sciatica, headaches, neck pain and trigeminal neuralgia (facial pain).  My pain is 90% improved, mobility has improved and my neck pain is decreased.  This is  whole body wellness - no bad side effects, explained procedures very well.  I continue to tell my friends and family about MN Wellness.  These doctors are skillful and compassionate.

Roberta (Bobbie) R. , Age 66


I worked a funeral at church doing dishes in back. Was tired when I cam home but didn't need to take pills.  The pain was none, just sore.  In the morning, no pain!   Here I'm told what they are doing adn the exercises to help. I had no idea how bad my body was out.  X-ray helped me see that.  I'm also no longer constipated.  My posture feels corrected and I am more aware of healthy eating.

Judy D., Age 64


During my exam we found that my upper and lower spine were degenerating.  The Sciatic nerve was being pinched and was giving me pain, especially down my right leg. Under the MN Wellness Institute's care, I have less pain in legs (and arms), no pain in bed, and am able to walk farther.  Two years ago I would have been skeptical on taking a trip to Africa, knowing the condition of many roads, but I just spent 3 weeks there, and had NO increase in pain.

Renie L.  - age 81


I was having severe back pain and couldn't even stand up straight.   I'd been to chiropractors before and had seen MN Wellness' sign.  I can't believe what a difference it has made for me.  I'm back to feeling pain free and have received valued information from them.  I learned a lot and now can make better choices about taking care of my most important system, my nerve system!  Thanks MWI!

-Caren C.


The world of chiropractic care has come a long way since I first went to a chiropractor a long time back.  MN Wellness Institute has been very good at taking care of my subluxations and SI joint issues that I had.  I feel I have come around almost a complete 360 degrees from where I was in the beginning.  I intend to do a follow up program with them as well as for regular upkeep and maintenance of my spine.  I have and still will recommend them to anyone experiencing problems with their health!  Be sure also to get an expert massage from Kenyata Woods, CMT.  She is good at what she does and makes an excellent/inexpensive follow-up to a great adjustment from your chiropractor!

-Mitch H., Age 45 


Dear Doctors at IOCC; How you make a person stand straight and with a grin on their face is amazing.  Thanks for putting your talents to use for so many.  (Right Hip Pain)

-Renie L., Age 81