Health and Wellness

Dear Doctors and staff, you are great! you do marvelous things as you twitch, hammer shove, move, pound, push, urge, even gently touch things back into place. Thanks.....................I'm walking tall

Arlene Lellelid

I now live a healthy lifestyle thanks to the Minnesota Wellness Institute. I wasn't been able to sleep for a long period. Now my Life has changed drastically from not sleeping at all to a longer sleep and it also improved my daily routine.

Gilbert Torrez

My 5 year old son was struggling all his life with asthma for over three years. With a couple of treatment here in the office has changed his abilities and lifestyle. He is now able to tun around for as long as he wants after being adjusted two times. No more coughing or out of breath!!! JUST DO IT NOTHING TO LOOSE BUT TO GAIN!!!

Karl Konkler

better, my instep has improved, less headaches, numbness in extremities is gone!  Try it at least a few times.  I was the biggest skeptic!!  Not any more.  The doctors are phenomenal!!  I have told several people about this clinic.

Betty J., Age 50

The symptom that has gotten the most improvement for me is stress!!  An environment that is kind, accepting and flexible hugely decreases my stress.  Just being here decreases my stress.  It's the great people, doctors and Sarah. Try it -- if you're bad and don't like it, you don't have to come back.  Just try it!

Teresa O'D., Age 49

My back pain and neck pain have really improved since I started chiropractic care.  I feel great!  Just do it.

Gina J., Age 32

"I am a chiropractor from southeast minnesota who has practiced for 26 years.  The past 2 years I have studied a technique called advanced biostructural correction (A.B.C.) and have had such amazing results on my patients and wife, that I decded I needed this type of body care for myself.  There are very few doctors doing A.B.C. in my area of the state, so I drive to the Minnesota Wellness Institue upon the recommendation of other chiropractors in the area.The doctors are excellent and my reponse to care has been very gratifying.  I was in a tractor rollover accident 4 years ago and hurt my neck as well as broke ribs and my right shin.  The fingers on my right hand began to 'trigger' down, which is quite inconvienient as a chiropractor needing his fingers and hands.  This problem has since resolved while being under A.B.C. type care.  Thank you doctors for your expertise and great care!!"

-Dr. Brad M., Age 54

Dear Dr. Wilson,

Please accept my apology for the delay in gettin you this thank you note.  As you know, the Patriots again brought home the title, and thanks to your service, our guys were ready to go.  I realize that you are very busy, but was willing to take time out of your busy schedule to provide treatment to some of our players.

Again, thanks!  Sincerely,

Lisa McK.

I have been to numerous doctors, different specialties, trying to resolve skin lesions that have been open adn not healing over the past 15 months.  The different medications, antibiotics, ointments, lotions, cleansers made no difference.

I began chiropractic treatment with Dr. Jason beginning of September.  At 6 weeks many areas are now healed and the remaining are markedly improved.  I look better and feel better.  Thank you!

Nancy H. 

Dr. Jason, I am so thankful for you!  You have played a big part in helping me improve my health.

 Dear Doctors, Always friendly faces and voices as I walk in the door - competence, relief and a touch of humor.  No scolding when I don't keep up - but encouragement while here.  And I'm heading toward relief of aches, and boy, am I thankful!  My best appreciation to you and all who work here.

-Carol L.