Headaches / Neck Pain


The symptoms that i had constantly having were headaches, backpain and numbness and tingling. I have now had months without a headache which is a great feeling. Just go ahead and give it a shot you'll find you'll enjoy treating your body the way it should be treated.


Mariah Baker


Getting treatments at this office has made me feel much better than i have ever felt in my entire life. I now have much more energy and no more neck pain  or headaches at all. Give it a chance it really works , you will feel much more better than ever. I heaven't had this much energy in years!!


Jim Payne


I had suffered from many symptoms neck pain and shoulder complaints. Now i don't have any numbness and tingling anymore and i heaven't been sick at all!! I had a slight sprained ankle and healed up very quick with chiropractic treatments. My massage therapist said that it felt like if she was working on a different body since the day i started therapy here.


Julie Van Hoever


Having treatments in this office has made me feel much more better. I am now active than i usually was. I would like to send a message to everyone out there try it first! Then you be the judge!!!!


Michael McDonald


I Had suffered from headaches and back pain. Having a chirapractic care in Minnesota Wellness Institute they made me feel much stronger and flexible ....a continuous care made me realize how bad i was treating my body overall. It is an alternative case to taking medication . I have now started a new look at my nutrition as a result of this care.

Cindy Baker 


I had suffered nearly daily headaches or migraines for the past four years.  My thought was ANY improvement or decrease in my headaches would be appreciated and it would litereally change my life...... I have been headache-free for about a month....What I had tenatively hoped to be a slight improvment has become a life-changing event in my life.

Sarah W.


Since treatment at this office began I have noticed an improvement in my headaches, which went from pretty much every day to one or two times a month.

-Jolene H, Age 24 


Dude, it's awesome! Plus it's your health. Totally about getting you on the right path.

-Angelina L., Age 28


In my opinion for what it's worth.  You are probably among the few chiropractors that should write a book.  Especially you technique of how you adjust feet and ankles.  A lot of people can learn from you on that subject.  Thank you again, you've made a big difference. 

-Your good friend, Bob H.  (Migraines) , Age 55