Frozen Shoulder / Shoulder Pain

TOM GEGAX- "I have been utilizing chiropractic for forty years with many different chiropractors. Dr Wilson is by far the best I have ever experienced. He is thorough, caring, and amazingly effective. He also has knowledge and expertise in all areas of the body. He is my lifetime doctor, not just back and neck doctor (in which he is brilliant at as well) but whole body. He is why I am able, at age 65, to play full court basketball and competitive singles tennis as well as and more importantly, being active with my grandchildren. One parent saw me on the floor moving around with two of them and said, I don't see grandparents doing this type of thing."

TOM GEGAX BIO - Entrepreneur, CEO leading sixteen hundred employees, multinational executive, consultant, board member-Tom has done it all. His ideas-featured by The New York Times, Fast Company, CNN, CNBC-win praise from Harvey Mackay ("Swim with the Sharks") and Best Buy Chairman Richard Schulze. After selling his 150-location Tires Plus Stores, Tom turned to consulting and writing "The Big Book of Small Business" (HarperCollins). His corporate board experience includes Pacific Booker Minerals, Great Clips Haircutters, ABRA Autobody, Engineering America, APU Solutions, and Deepak Chopra Enterprises. Tom alsosits on nonprofit boards like Center for Science in the Public Interest, Waterkeeper Alliance, World Business Academy, and the Center for Ethical Business Cultures. 4/11/2011

Teresa O'Dwyer - Having a treatment in this office has enabled me to go back to my "real" self again. From having back pain and shoulder injuries to a relaxed normal me. I now have a healthy lifestyle and continue to feel good.