Shoulder Injuries

MN Wellness Institute has been treating shoulder Injuries for over 10 years. It has been our experience that most shoulder pain and injuries can be resolved non-invasively through our proprietary ALSSTM protocol. 

The shoulder is very complex and a thorough examination should be performed to determine what is causing the pain.

Spring Shoulder Injures: Every spring we see a rise in shoulder related injuries due to increase in sporting activity. Ideally we would love to see most of these prevented. With a proper pre-season preparation, we probably would see a lot fewer injuries. Unfortunately, but the time we first see most patients it is usually a few weeks to months after the injury occurred. It is easy to identify when you have a shoulder injury that needs a doctor's help. The THREE DAY RULE: If your shoulder is still sore three days after you feel the initial pain and the shoulder is easily aggravated by activity you should consult a shoulder specialist. 

To save you time and money, I recommend consulting a Sports/Physical Therapist or Chiropractor - with a shoulder focus for your first stop. The majority of the time they will be able to fix the problem. A good Doctor will be able to recognize if your problem is more serious and get you under the care of the right specialist. When choosing the PT or Chiropractor remember to find someone who focuses on the cause of your problem. Many therapists claim they are able to help. Only a real specialist is able to help the severe injurie, not to mention you will likely have a less chance of recurrence under their supervision.

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