I've heard... questions/answers about chiropractic

I've heard…Once you have had back surgery, you should never get a chiropractic adjustment.
Many patients in our office have had spinal surgery.  In fact quite a few have rods and other hardware in the spine.  They tell us the adjustments help make them feel more comfortable.  They protect the areas of the spine that have not been operated on. 
We take careful precautions to identify the areas of the spine that can and cannot be adjusted.   We work with each specific case to provide proper care.   There are many ways to adjust a spine with areas of surgical scaring and we are well trained to provide them.

I've heard… I need a referral from my MD for my Insurance to cover care.
In MN, Drs of Chiropractic are primary care physicians.  This means you can visit your chiropractor without a referral from a MD.  In fact, for spinal issues, back pain, sports injuries and headaches it is often to your advantage to go straight to the chiropractor.

I've heard… You cannot see a Physical Therapist and a Chiropractor at the same time.
You can and in many cases should see both at the same time.  In fact they complement each other very well.

I've heard…Once you start going to a chiropractor you have to go the rest of your life!
Keeping your spine healthy throughout your life is one of the best ways to stop spinal degeneration and disease.  We work with each patient to develop a treatment plan to meet their needs.  Many of our patients get great results with short-term, pain-relief treatments.  If you value your health than making a point of regular adjustments is critical, just like exercising and eating well.

I've heard…My insurance does not cover chiropractic care.
Hold on to your hats.    We are in network with most insurance companies and they cover pain relief!    Typically your insurance will cover 6-12 visits per injury.  You only have one chance to rehabilitate an injury so do it right.

I've heard… You should wait a couple weeks after an injury to see a chiropractor.
Absolutely not!  The sooner you have an evaluation and start gentle care, the sooner your body will heal.  Gentle Muscle work, ice, low force techniques may be used to speed the recovery.    Do not be confused, immediate care is your best option.

I've heard... Chiropractic Adjustments cause Arthritis?
Are your ready for this?  - Regular chiropractic adjustments actually slow or stop the progression and pain of arthritis.  In addition, nutritional changes can reduce inflammation of joints which helps reduce pain and further damage.

I've heard…Do Chiropractic Adjustments cause strokes?
We know hundreds of chiropractors who give thousands of adjustments every year.  I do not know one Doctor of Chiropractic that has ever caused a stroke on a single patient.  That said, if a patient's health is such that they are in a condition to have a stroke almost any event could set the stroke in motion.  It could be as simple as bending down to pick up a newspaper, or leaning your head back for a shampoo in a salon.  The research is inconclusive about a direct connection between a chiropractic adjustment and strokes.