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Massage in a valuable addition to Chiropractic, it can increase healing times and help resolve pain.  In addition massage can be used for relaxation and stress relief.  At MN Wellness - Massage Therapy, we offer a wide variety of massage options at affordable prices.

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Meet Maggie Fritzke:


height: 105px;" height="105" width="70">I have always been interested in a career in Massage Therapy, even all the way back as a kid my mom and family members have told me I have "Magical Hands," and that I have a gift. I love helping people, it is my passion and it keeps me the happiest compared to anything else that I do. I am happiest while massaging, I was born for this. The greatest feeling is the accomplishments of making my clients feel different and better after the treatment. I graduated from Ridgewater College receiving my Certificate in Advanced Massage Therapy. My specialty is deep tissue work. I enjoy meeting new people and I would enjoy helping you feel improvements. I am here for you! My hobbies include going snowboarding, bowling, out to movies, and attending a vareity of concerts and sports games. My family and following my dreams are by far the most important things to me.

My mission is to touch as many backs as possible while providing a quality massage that will benefit my clients at home and work by relieving stress, pain, and discomfort. I will continually improve my excellence of my techniques through involvement with the massage community and through communication with my clients and peers. I will continually offer new services and techniques to my clients that adds greater value to my clients and by continuing my education. I ensure you that completion of your first massage will not end our relationship, it will begin it.

I was trained in Esalen Massage. Esalen Massage integrates and unifies the whole body with long, lengthening strokes, gentle rocking and stretching, passive joint movement, sculpting of deep musculature, delicate cranial balancing, and precision chinese point work. Quality of touch is the foundation of Esalen Massage.